Tesla Model S 85 - 2014

Tesla Model S 85 - 2014

The Tesla Model S 85 is exactly what you would expect from a high end electric car, if you have never driven an electric car before you are in for a serious suprise with the performance of this family saloon. The electric powertrain hurls you off of the line and puts a smile on your face immediately. Despite having covered 91,000 miles it is in incredible condition, the battery still lasts the proposed 200 miles and it is much easier to get used to that you might think.


The interior is in great condition too and feels extremely spacious, it is a minimalists dream. The paintwork on the exterior is a delightful change from the normal blue, black or white teslas you see on the road, the silver paintwork is spotless and looks as though it has just rolled out of the showroom, the colour works brilliantly against the chrome trim and helps to exhibit the body lines.


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