Aston Martin Rapide - 2010

Aston Martin Rapide - 2010

This is Aston Martin being sensible. Well, relatively sensible. This 2010 Rapide has four doors and four seats. But don’t fear, it still has a 5.9-litre V12 with 470bhp and will carry four occupants to 188mph. In Sport mode the dampers stiffen up appreciably and when you’re on the right sort of road you really appreciate the extra control. Body roll is well contained and it flicks between direction changes like a smaller, lighter car. 


The interior is largely shared with the DB9 and it’s simply beautiful. The rear seats are super-snug but look like something out of a concept car, and when you see the four-door amongst ordinary traffic it looks stunning – long, low and effortlessly stylish.


This example comes finished in Lightning Sliver which helps accentuate the long sweeping lines of the aluminium body. To contrast the silver paintwork the interior is engulfed in light cream leather and topped with back accents. It has covered 48,000 miles and has a full service history.


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